A very talented and creative Chef and Restaurateur, John Philips is the third-generation owner and operator of New York City’s Upper East Side Mansion Restaurant, a popular eatery blocks from Gracie Mansion. The Mansion Restaurant has been a favorite eating spot of mayors and their entourages, celebrities, and generations of loyal locals as the place “where everybody knows your name.”

Philips began working in the Industry at age 16 and, deciding to pursue a career in food, attended Johnson & Wales University where, as part of the program, he studied at the Spermaile School of Hospitality in Bruges and interned at Lindt Chocolate, Hogarden Brewery, Brussels Airways. Philips graduated at the top of his class in with a BS in Hotel Restaurant Management and immediately headed back to his hometown to make his bones in his chosen field.

John Philips is part of the exciting new generation of Food industry professionals. His success is guided by a clear personal philosophy: “I believe that the only way for a food service business to make today is to focus on those seasonal and local ingredients which allow a business to stabilize rising costs while meeting the needs of its community. Ingredient driven, everyday food is the way forward. We must as professionals be able to service the public by meeting them at eye level, providing what they need and want on a daily basis”. The best most authentic way of achieving that goal is by developing lasting and meaningful relationships with those who grow and raise our foods. “I have found great success in establishing lasting relationships with those who work and live in our great state of New York. Philips Believes he must above all things take the responsibility of sourcing and preparing whole foods as authentically as possible if the industry every hope of wining the trust of a public who now more then every, know what real food is.